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Full Power Relay and Fuse Box (FPR-IV)

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Fuse Box / Universal Plug Box

  • Safety fuse plug designed to work with any controller.
  • Flying Wires for International market to fit the connectors.
  • Integral 3-Pin plug for the UK market. 
  • No modifications needed for your controller, just connect this between your controller and the rostrum sockets. 
  • Works on positive wired tracks. 
  • LED indicators show when a fuse has blown. 
  • Optional Full Power Relay can be added. (Relay drive or activation is not automatic. Separate switching in the controller should be provided for this)
  • Relay activation is via positive voltage from the controller. 

For the UK market this little box takes the place of the plug usually used at the slot car clubs.

For the International market the connectors or plug used in the specific country are  fitted to the flying leads. 

In some cases the additional boost may not be needed, so the full power relay is optional. Choose from the options in the drop down list before adding to the basket. 

  • If a fuse blows the Red LED next to it illuminates to show you the problem and which fuse to replace.
  • Middle LED shows the relay active and energised. (Relay is an optional extra)
  • For the UK market it has the 3-Pin plug built in. 
  • For international markets the pins are omitted and a short length of low-loss cable is run from the plug for the connections used in that country.
  • Box Dimensions 53x37x23mm

Please note that in most cases the fuses will protect your controller from blowing components, but the main purpose is to provide safety for the high current that can cause components to flame and burn. 

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