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SSD 4 Battery Charger

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Charger for rechargeable AAA batteries for the SSD 4 Controller.
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Fit rechargeable AAA batteries into the SSD 4 controller and use the Charging inlet socket provided. 

No need to remove batteries when they need replacing, just recharge them. 

Charge rate is 200mA.
This is an average rate for the AAA rechargeable batteries. 

  • Note that rechargeable batteries must be installed to avoid problems. 
  • Suitable for typical rechargeable AAA batteries. 
  • DC inlet socket is provided for the charger to plug into.
    (No need to open up the controller. Just plug in and charge)
  • Charging indicator LED is on this PSU.
    (LED is only ON if charging is taking place)
  • UK, USA and Europe clip-in mains adaptors supplied.
    (In order from left to right in the image above)

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