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SSD II Upgrade Kit to SSD III

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Upgrade kit for the Earlier SSD II model.

This kit will give you the adjustable sensitivity control to add to your SSD II version without having to buy the whole new controller.

Simply fit the new element and sensitivity control to the SSD II model to bring it up to the SSD III functions. 

Casing split:

  1. Remove the upper handle casings by removing the 6 M2x20mm screws and nuts that hold the two halves together. 

Contact Board removal:

  1. Remove the two M2 Nuts and washers holding the contact board in place. 
  2. Gently unplug the Contact board taking care with the 3-way connector at the top right.
  3. The wiper fingers and the under side of the contacts will now be exposed for inspection and cleaning.
  4. Take the top Fascia board and drill a 7mm hole to take the new Sensitivity Control. (Suggested position for the hole is on the long center line and about 15mm in from the front edge)
  5. Mount the Drilled fascia board to the sensitivity control using the nut and washer provided. 
  6. Fit the new Element to replace the one removed, and slide the fascia board into place.
  7. Reassemble and test before fitting all the casing screws. If all is OK then refit the 6 casing screws. 


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