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Contact Board 4.3 (Adjustable Curve)

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Optional Element board for the PWM range of controllers to provide a variety of user-adjustable throttle response curve settings. 

  • Easy to change mode via the solder bridge points A,B,C,D and 1,2,3
  • Options at the checkout allow you to choose which mode it is set in when shipped. 

Feedback from customers showed that different trigger response sensitivity curves from the controllers is required for certain types of racing.

The small blue preset control can be adjusted to give the range and feel required. No need to send back to us to modify. 

Turning the adjustment pot clockwise give more of whatever Mode is selected via the solder bridges. 


  • MT I
  • MT II
  • PWW  (without rotary pot option)
  • Unscrew the six M2 Case crews
  • Unscrew the two M2 nuts on the top of the old Board.
  • Unplug the board taking care to pull it straight noting the 3-way connector as it uplugs. 
  • Plug in the new board and re-assemble.

Note that usually just a good clean of the original board and wiper contacts is all that is needed, so replacement may not be necessary.

Use an oil-free cleaner such as lighter fluid. 

This board has several modes of operation that are user-changeable with just a soldering iron.

Solder bridge points on the board are marked A. B. C. D and 1, 2, 3

A combination of solder bridges on these points sets the mode and so changes the feel of the controller. This enables you to change the controller to suit your style of driving.

Instructions for setting the modes:

  1. Choose the mode you would like to try
  2. Link each of the two points as show below for the chosen mode.
  3. All other points not listed should not be linked.  

Positive Curve Mode       Link       B, 3 and C to D

Negative Curve Mode      Link      A, 3 and C to D

End Step Mode                   Link       B, 2, C to D and Omit R35

Top Speed Mode                Link       B, 2 and Omit R35

Start Speed Mode              Link       A, 1, C to D and Omit R1


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