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PWM Trigger Throw Adjustment Kit #1

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This kit is for the old TruSpeed PWM MK I controller only. It is not to be fitted to any of the other current TruSpeed range.
To see the new version click Throw Adjust Kit #2

The feature allows adjustment of the trigger return stop. Ideal for adjusting the throw or travel of the trigger action.

When the trigger is released on the PWM controller the contact hits the stop. This is also the BRAKE switch.

With this feature you can adjust the stop point and hence how far back the trigger needs to travel before it hits the stop.

The effect is to reduce the throw of the trigger movement. Ideal for the endurance racer, or for those classes of car where a quick start-up is beneficial.

The SENSITIVITY, CURVE and TOP SENSITIVITY can all be adjusted to give a completely smooth operation at any setting of the trigger stop adjustment.

Combine this with the new Trigger Tension Adjustment Kit #1 to give your PWM controller the latest improvements.


  1. Remove the return spring from the trigger and move the trigger away towards the max power end. (this is just to keep the trigger out of the way and prevent damage to the wiper while you install the kit.)
  2. De-solder the ground wire on the Brake contact, and remove the brake contact bracket.
  3. Unscrew the adjust screw and the mounting screw from the throw adjuster kit to allow easy fitting.
  4. Fit the new bracket in place orientating it the same as the original one.
  5. Solder the ground wire onto the new bracket.
  6. Screw back in the adjustment screw and spring, and screw the limit nut onto the end.
  7. Re-fit the return spring to the trigger and let it move to the new brake contact assembly.
  8. Check that the adjustment screw lines up nicely with the trigger brake saddle section, and alter the brake bracket orientation as necessary. (You may need to bend the arm of the brake saddle contact on the trigger.)
  9. Unscrew the adjustment screw until the trigger wiper contact is on the first segment of the wiper element board.
  10. Thread the limit nut on the screw to lightly come up against the bracket threaded insert . Apply thread-lock carefully to hold the nut at this position. (Ensure that the thread lock doesn't run into the threads of the adjustment threaded insert on the bracket)
  11. Make sure the end of the screw is clean of glue etc. before you re-assemble.
  12. Re-assemble the throttle and set the throw as you wish.(The thread-lock or superglue will dry while you re-assemble)

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