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SLOT D.2 Diode Slot Car Controller Kit

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TruSpeed SLOT D.2 diode slot car controller kit for home, club, and competition use.

Ready assembled and tested kit suitable for a new project or to repair a SLOT D.2 controller.

  • 3* Overall Sensitivity settings
  • 10* Curve/Torque/Power settings
  • 4* Brake settings
  • LED for Power, Brake and Continuity indication.
  • User replaceable switches
  • Current rating of 3A max and running average of 1A
  • Auto reset fuse for over-current protection.
  • Positive or Negative Wired. (Please specify when ordering)

Slot Car Controller kit is Positive or Negative Wired. (Please specify when ordering)

Power and Current ratings are 3 Amperes Max. and 1A average constant running.

Click for Track Wiring Specifications.

Click for Assembly Instructions

Click for Operating Instructions

Features (as per SLOT-E and D.2):

    1. Each of the 2 sensitivity switches feed 0.5V more to the contacts as they are switched on.

      Both OFF: Minimum
      Either ON: 1st stage added
      Both ON: 2nd stage added

    2. The 10 element switches change the voltage between each stage from 1V to 0.5V when switched ON.

      These give you control over the response of the motor to different throttle positions, enabling a form of torque control to ease the car handling for any track circumstances.

    3. The Brake control slows the motor fast as if with full normal brakes, but then releases at 3 different stages to give a controlled coasting effect.

      Both ON: Full brakes
      Inner OFF: 1st stage coasting
      Outer OFF: 2nd stage coasting
      Both OFF: 3rd stage coasting.

    4. The LED shows power present when initially plugged in without a car on the track, and illuminates to show the brake switch is OK.The LED will extinguish when a small movement of the trigger opens the Brake contact, but will re-illuminate when the car is placed onto the track.This provides 3 useful tests with just one LED.
    5. The Adjustment Selector Switches are sold in blocks or 4 and are a plug-in type. If the switches are accidentally damaged, simply unplug the damaged ones and plug in a new set.  Instructions.

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