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Accessories development

Accessories development

Car Display/Setup Plates:
These have been popular since their introduction. The first batch of 2000 have almost sold out now, and a new batch has arrived.

2018 Jan: The costs of the mould are almost recovered so the prices will not increase for this year. 

Lap Count Sensor Interface:
Having raced at many clubs where the lap sensing systems often give trouble, it was decided to bring out a little pulse shaper interface to assist with the problem. 
This interface takes the signal from the track detector and produces a clean square wave pulse to assist with a good trigger for whatever lap timing system is in place. Details on the features are on the web site.

2018 Jan: Proposed changes to the design will include a sensitivity adjustment particularly for the LDR sensors. This will make it even more reliable and versatile. 

Full Power Relay add-on:
This add-on accessory is designed to work with all electronic controllers.
The resistor controllers will work, but the full power relay stays energized until the brakes are applied, so it not ideal for these passive controllers)
The unit has the option of a set of pins for the standard UK race rostrums and is designed to take the place of the existing plug top. Simply remove your plug top and connect up the FPR I (Full Power Relay) in place.
It works automatically with either track wiring positive or negative and the relay itself can be turned off via a little switch if the boost is not required. This design is being tested under various conditions and is expected to be for sale at the end of April 2013.

2014 Jan: A new Full Power Relay FPR II is to be introduced that has a pair of 5x20mm standard cartridge fuses mounting inside. For the UK market it will have the club plug pins integral and for overseas flying wires will be provided.

 2018 July: Requests for a new version of the Full Power or Blast Relay with 4mm Banana plug inputs has now been designed. It is initially aimed at the UK market with integral UK racing plug pins. An international version will follow if interest grows enough. 




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