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Steve Hills t/a TruSpeed

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TruSpeed was established by Steve Hills because he could not find a slot car controller with settings that could be customised to suit his driving style. Steve is a very keen slot car racer, and as he raced different slot cars, on different tracks, he realised that a one-size-fits-all slot car controller was not good enough.

Steve worked for many years in the audio industry and is the designer of the modern Bozak range of products.
He applied this design skill to his passion for slot car racing and TruSpeed was born.

The TruSpeed Slot Car Controllers include amazing design features:

  • Control Acceleration Rate
    Better traction whatever grip your tyres have
  • Control Braking Rate
    Set the braking from gentle to strong depending on the track conditions
  • Adjustable throttle sensitivity and response curves.
    Start speed, throttle response curves and end speed adjustments. 
  • High Quality Components
    Quality slot car motors should be matched with a quality slot car controller to maximise the potential of your car, your driving style and track conditions
  • Many other improvements to slot car control are built into the TruSpeed range of slot car controllers

Feedback from customers is all important to keep driving the products forward to improve and provide features most racers want to have in the controller. Beta testing and prototypes used at racing events is the best way to make sure that the final products are really fit for purpose. 

If you are serious about winning slot car races, then you need to spend time setting up your slot car to suit the track and your driving style. Using a controller that you can adjust according to your car, driving style and track conditions will result in quicker, more consistent lap times, and more race wins.

TruSpeed Slot Car Controllers - for serious racers