Slot Car Controllers, Spares and Accessories

General Information

Slot Car Track Plug Wiring 

Standard Positive Wiring Example:  Wiring image 1 

Standard Negative Wiring Example: Negative image 1

Poly Car Wiring: Positive wiring on 3.5mm Jack

Scalextric and Ninco Analogue plug Wiring Example: Negative Wired 3.5mm Jack Plug

UK:   Wiring Image 2


General Servicing Instructions

Intermittent controller operation. (Possible home remedies)
Most people keep their controllers clean in the same way they do with the car braids or tyres, but sometimes intermittent issues can arise. 
Make sure of the following :

  1. The trigger wiper fingers and contact board are clean.
  2. Tension of the wiper fingers against the contact segments on the board are gentle but secure.
    (only light tension is needed, but they must remain in good contact)
  3. The trigger loop wire is in good condition. 
    (If the loop wire is not present please see "Trigger Loop Wire" below)
  4. The trigger saddle is secure. 
  5. Contact between the saddle and the Brake terminals are clean.
  6. Contact between the saddle and the Max speed terminal are clean. 
  7. The mounting nuts and washers on all boards are all secure. 
  8. Connections from the cable into your plug or hook up terminal are secure. 
  9. The Cable may have an intermittent metal fatigue break, usually at the exit from the handle. 

Wiper Finger Replacement or Cleaning:

Casing halve split:

  1. Remove the upper handle casings by removing the 3 M2x20mm screws and nuts that hold the two halves together. (Only 3 are needed)

Element Contact Board removal:

  1. Remove the two M2 Nuts and washers holding the element board in place.
  2. If you have the Throw adjust fitted to your controller, unscrew the adjust screw almost all the way out. (This will allow the throw adjustment bracket to move with the element board when you unplug it.)
  3. Gently unplug the Element board taking care with the 3-way connector at the top right.
  4. The wiper fingers and the under side of the element contacts will now be exposed for inspection and cleaning. 

Trigger removal:

  1. Remove the M2x6mm countersink screw and washer from the pivot centre on the trigger. It will now be free to slide off. 
  2. Pop the end of the return spring out of the tensioner cam arm to allow free movement of the trigger when removed. 
  3. Slip the trigger off the pivot and remove the other M2x8mm countersink screw and nut holding the wiper fingers to the trigger and slide the wiper fingers off the trigger. (Sometimes they are quite a tight fit over the round locating pin)
  4. Fit the new wiper fingers and re-assemble in the reverse order.


  1. Fit the trigger back in place but not the return spring yet. 
  2. plug the element board back in but don't fit the nuts and washers yet. 
  3. Check that there is a spring feel trying to push the element up when you press gently down with your fingers. 
  4. Holding down the element with your fingers check that the wiper fingers move freely with just the tip touching the element. 
  5. Now you can fit the washers and M2 nuts to secure the element.
  6. Re fit the trigger mounting screw and washer. 
  7. Re-connect the return spring.


 Trigger Loop Wire: