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Apex PWM Controller

Apex PWM Controller

2022 June: In 2020 the Apex prototypes were showing great promise. 
The first batch of 50 Apex controllers which became available sold to pre-order customers before they could be put onto the website for sale as usual. 
Since then, global supply of components has prevented me from making any more. The list of pre-orders is growing while we wait for supplies. 
To get around the problem some parts have been redesigned, mostly in the output drive stage. This is a positive change though, since it will enable the controller to handle far more current than the previous version. The metal chassis high current motors used in the BSCRA racing in the UK for example, can now be used with the new version. 
I hope to be able to offer the new version for sale by the end of August 2022.

2022 December: The Apex has been performing very well since release and using it for G12 and Strap motors has not shown any issues yet. 
Most of the top 10 places in the UK national GT3 series used the Apex, so a great result for TruSpeed. 
Work on a DC version to cater for brushless motors will begin in 2024

2024 March: A small switch has been added to the handle control for Apex 1.1.
this provides the ability to switch on or off the positive, upward curve, action of the CURVE control pot on the top of the handle.
Almost no one uses the positive aspect, so the option has been fitted.
With the CURVE switch n the + position, the upward bend is enabled and the CURVE action will be linear in the middle, upward clockwise turn and downwards is anticlockwise. 
Later in 2024 a more robust back emf. blocking system will be trialled, which will necessarily include a full blast relay, but this will solid state rather than a mechanical relay. 


  • Bryan Cooper

    Please can u make some more as I am desperate for one. Most in our club have them and I find the cars go better when I have borrowed one

  • Bryan Cooper

    Apex controller, can u get these anymore?All the lads use them and the cars go better with them

  • Adrian Blakey

    Do you have any more of these for sale?

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