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Transistor Controllers

Transistor Controllers

2008: Prototype testing has been very favourable and a production version is being designed now. The features and operating guide will appear soon, hopefully with images. The existing prototypes have been sold to people who tested them but did not want to wait for the final versions, so testing will continue while productions is set up.

2009: Final design prototypes are under way. Results of tests and expected date of availability will be posted as soon as possible.

2010 Jan: Production is now under way with stock available direct from TruSpeed or participating dealers by March 2010.

2010 March: The launch price is set at £72 and is now available.

2010 May: Additional circuits have been added to allow greater braking on plastic track to suit that type of racing. This will be a standard addition on all new units from this date. 

2010 Dec: The Club MK I is to be replaced by the MK II for 2011. It is functionally the same as the MK I but is produced in a custom-made frame. The last batch manufactured in 2010 already have the first version of this new frame.

2011 Nov: The new branded controller handles are almost ready now and the final designs for the electronics are being tested. The new range should be available early next year. Pre-orders are being taken now to send you as soon as stock is ready.

2012: The new handles are a great success and the transistorized controllers are to be replaced by the new MT I version. The same easy to use features have now been combined with the advantages of the PWM drive in the MT I.

2015: The transistor controller has been sold as a kit to fit into the Parma Plus frame and handles during this year. In the TruSpeed handles, a design is in progress for a complete controller based on the same design as before.

2016 October: The BP II transistor controller it to be introduced. The reviews on the BP I which was the earlier version were so good, it was decided that a complete updated version would be done. This is now available at the bargain price of £60

2017 Jan: The BP II continues to grow in popularity and the design has proved itself again. No changes are planned at this stage, so it remains for sale as in its current form with no price change from £60

2018 Jan: Stock from 2017 will remain at £60 till sold out. It is hoped that no price increase will have to made this year. 

2022 Jan: The black aluminium frame and black PCB have remained unchanged since 2021. A small price increase has been necessary to help cover part of the huge price increases in production costs. 
There have been no compromises on quality.


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