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2008: The most recent version is now ready, though still all hand made. Additional sensitivity adjustments have been included to compensate for the large variation in track power supply voltages encountered on the Slot-it challenge in the UK. New controllers will have this as standard and it is available as an upgrade to fit to the earlier versions. Price is £20 Upgrade and sensitivity Board features (Trigger 0.0) 10-Stage curve control:This sets the trigger feel by adjusting the shape of the throttle response curve from linear at setting '0' to logarithmic at setting '9' 10-Stage top sensitivity control:This changes the...

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2014 Aug: The multi-contact point wiper fingers have worked well, but still suffer from some degradation due to accumulated corrosion or dirt. The newest Contact boards have a nickel coating with a final gold plate coat. This, combined with the new high polish stainless steel wiper fingers, is hoped to provide the next step in giving very long contact service intervals and very smooth trigger feel.2015: The new Nickel/Gold and stainless steel has worked out well. These are now the standard materials used on all the controllers.2016: All this year the same contact system has been used. At the end of...

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