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APEX Controller

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 Choose the wiring connection type for UK or International from the Plug Options drop-down list above. 

The new APEX controller has unique features in both the brake and drive circuits.

  • The design will allow perfect control of all types of slot car racing. 
  • Fitted with flying wires. Optional 3-Pin Plug fitted for UK market.
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  • Optional Carry Bag (Large Version) Add to the basket click here
  • 4 Brake controls on the box and one on the top of handle. 
  • 4 Speed controls on the box and two on the handle. 
  • User-Changeable Single and double finger trigger
    (Simple slide-on system so the handle doesn't need to be taken apart)
  • Trigger spring tension adjustment via easy access screw
  • Optional trigger throw adjustment
  • User replaceable Plug-in cable from the handle to the control box
  • Automotive 10A fuse with illumination to show if it has blown
  • Control box dimensions: 128x80x58mm.    
  • Box Weight:  375g 
  • Handle weight 140g
  • Cable 60g
  • Shipping weight 650g

WHITE    Positive
BLACK    Output from the Controller to the Track
RED         Negative (Brake)

  • V1 is for motors up to 8A and plastic chassis cars. 
  • If the fuse blows, it is illuminated from behind through a hole in the right-hand side of the box to show the fault condition.