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PWM II Pulse Width Modulation Slot Car Controller

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*** Superseded by the Apex ***

Choose the wiring connection type for UK or International from the Plug Options drop-down list above. 

The new PWM II controller is quite a step forward from the previous versions.

It has all the old easy to use controls, plus new features now all fitted as standard. 

  • Fitted with flying wires. Optional 3-Pin Plug fitted for UK market. (Choose from drop-down list)
  • Upgraded to 1/24th BSCRA Power Handling with a power relay
  • User selectable automatic BRAKE Sense Mode (MODE 2)
  • User selectable automatic SPEED Sense Mode (MODE 2)
  • User-Changeable Single and Double Finger Trigger
  • 5* 12-way rotary controls on the main box (Start speed, Max Speed, Acceleration (Choke), Hold, Brake)
  • 2* rotary controls on the handle (Sensitivity Curve, End Speed)
  • Trigger Spring tension Adjustment Fitted as standard
  • Trigger throw adjustment Fitted as standard
  • User replaceable Plug-in cable from the Handle to the Control Box
  • 36 Step Replaceable Nickle/Gold Contact Board with 9-point Stainless Steel contact wiper Arm.
  • Control box dimensions: 120x66x40mm.     Weight:  380g 
  • Handle weight just 150g
  • Cable 45g
  • Shipping weight 650g

Click the Technical Tab to see more detail on the features and operating instructions.

WHITE    Positive
BLACK    Output from the Controller to the Track
RED         Negative (Brake)

To download for printing or on-screen reading click on the links below.

  • Drive Mosfet P-Channel TO220         click here
  • Brake Mosfet N-Channel TO220        click here
  • Full Power Relay                                 click here
    Choose the relay coil voltage to match the old one
  • Rotary Switch Knob                            click here
  • Rotary Switch                                     click here
  • Replacement Cable                            click here 
  • Trigger Sections                                 click here 
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