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SSD IV Digital Slot Car Controller

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Slot Car Solutions / TruSpeed SSD4 Wireless Scalextric Sport Digital Controller with built-in wireless transmitter. 

Works with the SCS Receiver  which plugs directly into the SSD control base. Available from Slot Car Solutions directly.

Charger for use with Rechargeable AAA batteries  using the optional socket.

Can be used with wired controllers at the same time if required. 

This latest SSD IV is fitted with a socket for the standard Scalextric cable to plug in as a passive controller if the wireless is not required.
(Cable bought separately Click Here)

TruSpeed teamed up with Slot Car Solutions to create this wireless controller for Scalextric SSD. 

Digital slot-car controller with Brake and Lane Change Buttons, Sensitivity knob and replaceable Wiper Contact Board.

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  • Full wireless with AAA batteries in the controller handle. (not included)
  • Average reported life of standard batteries is 6 months of regular use. 
  • Can be used with other wired controllers at the same time if required.
  • Cable socket to use as a passive controller if wireless is not required. (cable not included) click here
  • Optional Charger inlet socket fitted. (Choose at the checkout) Use rechargeable batteries to avoid having to open up the casing
  • Battery charger / Power Supply available if rechargeable AAA batteries are used. click here
  • Receivers are stocked by TruSpeed and are available from SCS. (Slot Car Solutions)
  • Sensitivity Control Adjustment Knob. Turn Clockwise to increase sensitivity. 
  • 2 Button version. (For Brake and Lane change)
  • Spring Tension Adjuster
  • New V10 Contact Board. (As shown in the pictures)
  • User changeable single and double finger Trigger.
  • Spare parts available on the web site. 

Weight  ...............................200g  (without batteries)

Packing Dimensions  ..........200x100x40  mm    

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