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SSD SCS 6-CH Wireless Receiver

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Slot Car Solutions (SCS)  SSD wireless receiver. 
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This 6-Channel Wireless receiver is used with the SSD 4 wireless controller

  • 6-Channel receiver
  • USB power lead integral (There is no data transfer using the USB, it is just for power)
  • 6  cables to plug into the SSD power base are provided. 

Also available directly from Slot Car Solutions click here


  • Plug in the USB power cable to power the receiver . (All channel LEDs light and then extinguish when ready)
  • Plug in the cables from the receiver into the SSD control base as required. 
  • Standard wired controllers will work together with the wireless system at the same time. 

Weight  ..............................  485g

Packing Dimensions  .......... 200x150x50 mm