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4-Way Slide Switch #1

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Switch Set 1

Set of 4 Replacement Switches for the SLOT D.2 and SLOT E Controllers

The mini Switches used to set the Element Response are fitted in banks of 4. These are a plug-in item, and can easily be replaced if they have been damaged.

Fitting Instructions:

Note:  leave the retaining pins in place until the installation is completed

  1. Unplug the set of 4 Switches containing the damaged ones
  2. Line up the new set of Switches with the Socket and gently plug them in keeping it as perpendicular to the socket as possible. (This is to minimise the chance of the little pins pushing through the plastic and protruding enough to snag the slide section)
  3. Slide out the retaining pins and it's ready to use. (This prong set prevents the switch pins from being pushed upwards when plugged into the sockets)