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Carrera RJ12 6P6C Left Offset Coiled Cable

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Plug-in Coiled Replacement Cable RJ12 6P6C

Left Offset DEC latch at the control box end.
Straight standard 6P6C at the controller end. 

The Plugs are wired pin-pin. 6 wires. Straight Through Wiring.
Length : 50cm relaxed and 1.5m stretched. 


  • Carrera-D

Plug in Coiled Replacement Cable for the Carrera-D Controllers

One end has the left offset DEC latch for the Carrera control box. The other end is standard connection type with centre latch.

Simply unplug the cable at both ends and plug in a new cable if the original one has become damaged or is worn out.

The flexible nature of these curly cables takes the stress focus away from the ends and reduces metal fatigue in the wiring at the entry of exit points of the units into which they are plugged.