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Trigger Throw Adjustment Kit #2

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User adjustable Trigger Throw adjustment screw to change the distance the trigger travels from the Brake position to Full Throttle

Through the access hole in the rear fascia is the throw adjustment screw. This sets the position that the trigger returns to when released for braking. Turn clockwise to move the stop point further in. (you will see the trigger move as you screw it in and out) The adjustment sets the amount of travel for the trigger by moving the position of the Brake contact. The further in you set it, the higher the start-up speed of the car, because, as the brake releases, the trigger is already some way across the element. 

Link to the Animated Assembly Video. (coming soon)


  • MT I          (Optional extra)
  • MT II         (Optional extra)
  • PWM II      (Fitted as Standard)

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