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Contact Board 10 (Plus Wiper Contacts)

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Choose from the Option Drop-Down Lists above for pre-set modes.

Certain models do not allow all the options.
Available options will be enabled as   ADD TO CART  

Standard mode options

  • MTI ... Start Speed
  • MT II ... Curve (positive and negative with Linear in the middle)
  • PWM II ... has no modes since the controls are on the handle.
  • All Digital ... no modes since they are set to emulate the originals.

You can change these modes by simply changing the links and values as shown in the   List of shorting solder links for different MODES  shown below.

This Element enables you to clean the contacts without opening up the handle. 

Simple application of a cleaning fluid on a cotton bud and fed through the air vents allows easy access to clean. 

  • Nickel/Gold finish on the contact board with Stainless Steel wiper Fingers. 
  • Comes with new Wiper Fingers for this version. 
    (Customer to assemble as per instructions below)
  • Fits all models.... (Some need small modifications to allow them to fit)

List of shorting solder links for different modes.

The board is configurable via the little shorting links A, B, C & 1, 2, 3
Below is the list of mode options and the links required to be made along with components value changes or omissions. 

  **  Take care not to short between the link points, particularly with A & B  **

  • Start Speed: VR1 Pot B20K. R40 4K7 0805. Omit R1. Link B, C, 2
  • Curve Pos & Neg:   VR1 Pot B20K.  R40 4K7 0805. Link A, B, C, 3
  • Curve Pos:   VR1 Pot B20K.  R40 4K7 0805Link A, C, 3
  • Curve Neg:   VR1 Pot B20K.  R40 4K7 0805Link B, C, 3
  • End Sens: VR1 Pot  B1K. R40 150R 0805. Link A, C, 1
  • Top Speed: VR1 Pot B1K. R40 short 0805. Link A, 1

Click for Graphic Examples

  1. Apply some switch cleaner/lubricant to the tip of a cotton bud. 
  2. Feed the bud through the air vent slots to reach the element contact pads and wiper finger contacts. 
  3. Wipe the cotton bud across the element pads all over avoiding pulling on the wiper contact fingers in case they bend. 
  4. Operate the trigger several times wiping across the cleaned area so that it also cleans the wiper finger contact points. 
  5. Repeat as necessary.  


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