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Slot Car Carry Case

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Lightweight Aluminium case to carry or store slot cars.

  • Fits 12 standard 1/32nd scale slot cars.
  • Relief textured foam in the lid to hold the cars in place. 
  • Comes supplied with 2 chamber division options. 
    1x New version precision frame. (See pictures)
    1x Clear plastic pieces set and matching centre rib. (See pictures)
  • Option 1: Supplied with all 12 Display/Holder plates.
  • Option 2: Without Display/Holder plates.
    (Just add as many you require)  click here

Internal system 1:
The new precision frame ensures that the chambers remain secure so that the cars are held properly during transport. 
You can varnish or paint this frame any colour to suit, or just leave it in the natural wood finish. 

Internal system 2:
If you use this system, then you remove the wood frame, install the centre ridge and the clear plastic sections are fitted in as you need. 
This system is not as secure as the frame and can move or fall out during transport, so is best used if storage is the only requirement.