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Trigger Spring Tension Adjuster Kit #1

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Adjustable Trigger Return Spring Tension Kit.

This can be fitted to almost any controller to give you adjustment of the trigger return spring tension.

(TruSpeed controllers have a spring tension system fitted as standard)

The feel of a controller is an important feature to a racer, so if you can set the tension on the trigger this can be a great help.


  1. Remove the original spring from the trigger.
  2. Replace the original spring mounting post with the new bracket, or find a suitable place to mount it on the controller internal frame.
  3. Fit the new spring to the trigger and feed the tension adjustment screw through the braket and screw it into the spring at the other end.
  4. Set it to about mid tension and check that the screw moves freely within the spring when the trigger is squeezed. Before finally tightening it in place you can rotate the bracket to keep it aligned with the spring movement and if necessary bend it outwards to keep the adjustment screw moving as close to the centre of the spring as possible.
  5. Drill a 4-5mm hole in the throttle casing in line with the adjustment screw to allow for easy adjsustment once it has been re-assembled.