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Twisted 3-Core Controller Cable (Per Meter)

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Note that controllers are supplied with 1m of cable as standard. 

The cable is fabric covered and slightly twisted for extra flexibility.

This spiral version is used as the standard cable for all the analogue controllers. Overall flexibility is good, but at the crucial exit points it is fairly rigid, so metal fatigue is less likely than with silicone or rubber cables. 

  • Order per meter as required.
  • Standard length fitted to the controllers is 1m
  • 3-Core
  • 6A current rating
  • Used for all the analogue controllers

Wiring Colours:

  • BROWN     (WHITE)   Power (Positive or Negative from Power Supply)
  • BLUE          (BLACK)  Output. (Power from the controller to the track)
  • GREEN       (RED)      Brake. (Positive or Negative from Power Supply)

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