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Universal Full Power Relay

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 Full Power Relay add-on box.

  • Designed to work with almost any electronic controller.
  • No modifications needed for your controller, just connect this between your controller and the rostrum sockets. 
  • Works automatically on positive or negative wired tracks. 
  • Status LED's to show track polarity and relay activation. 
  • Slide switch to turn the relay on or off.
  • Box Dimensions 53x37x23mm

For International Wiring click here
For United Kingdom Wiring click here

The Universal Full Power Relay (FPR I) is designed to be located as close to the race rostrum sockets as possible. 

There are no modifications needed to your controller.
Just connect up to your cables as a Plug-&-Play add-on. 
The FPR works automatically and detects the wiring polarity.
Blue LED for Positive wiring and Red LED for Negative. 
The small slide switch on the side turns the relay on or off as you need. 

A small amount of power is lost along the controller cables. 
Depending on the power drawn by the motor, this drop can be enough to make a difference to the top end speed. The FPR circuits detect when the controller has put out as much power as it can and pull in a relay to directly connect the power feed to the track. This cuts out any controller losses. As soon as the throttle trigger is released the FPR drops out and normal control is resumed.

In some cases the additional boost may not be required, so there is a switch to deactivate. There is an LED status indicator that is illuminated when the track power is ON and extinguishes when the relay is energised. If the unit is deactivated then this status LED remains off at all times. 

  • For the UK market it has the 3-Pin plug built in as shown. For United Kingdom Wiring click here
  • For international markets the pins are omitted and a short length of low-loss cable is run to the plug used in that country. For International Wiring click here
  • Supplied with a small Top Board to easily connect the cables to and then simply screw the board in place inside the FPR box.
  • Switch with an LED indication to Enable or Disable the relay.
  • 12A contact rating 
  • Power LED shows Blue for positive wired track and Red for negative wired.
  • Status LED shows Green for unit active and goes off when the relay is energised, or stays off when the unit is deactivated. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Every controller should have one!

Purchased one of these useful add-ons so I was sure a particular car would be receiving full power. Its easy and the work of only a couple of minutes to fit and (here in the UK) plugs directly into rostrum power outlets. You can hear when the relay is delivering full power - delivery is instant - and its amazingly effective. Braking is completely unaffected. Completely satisfied.

Hi Ray. Thanks for sharing your review. Much appreciated.
It's one of those products that work very well, but is not well known.