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Ninco-D (N-Digital) Digital Slot Car Controller

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****     Discontinued     ****

Ninco-D Controller for Ninco Digital Slot Cars


  • Direct plug-in replacement for the original controllers. 
  • Sensitivity Control Adjustment Knob. Turn Clockwise to increase sensitivity. 
  • Handle Vibrator function like the original. 
  • Brake and Lane change Buttons. (Red for Brake and Black for Lane change)
  • Trigger Spring Tension Adjuster
  • User changeable single and double finger Trigger.
  • Replaceable plug-in Cable (standard telephone handset cable)
  • Spare parts available on the web site. 

Packed Weight  ......................225g

Packing Dimensions  ..........200x100x40  mm   


  •  Once you feel a scratchy operation or can hear squeaking then it is advisable to apply a small amount of switch Cleaner/Lubricant (such as Servisol Super 10) to the wiper contact board. This will keep a smooth, light action and maintain the contact integrity.