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APEX Controller

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*** New Stock Expected in June 2022 ***


So far the Apex has been verified for use up to 10A

Choose the wiring connection type for UK or International from the Plug Options drop-down list above. 

The new APEX controller has new features in both the brake and drive circuits.

On the right hand side there is a small window hole onto the internal fuse. 
If this fuse blows then the fuse casing illuminates to show it is blown. 
Remove the right hand cover and fit a new fuse the same as the one you take out. 

WHITE    Positive
BLACK    Output from the Controller to the Track
RED         Negative (Brake)

  • V1 is currently tested for motors up to 8A and plastic chassis cars. 
    The metal chassis racing has not been verified yet. 
  • It the power polarity is wrong, rather than blow fuses, this model will simply not work until it is connected up correctly. 

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