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APEX Controller

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 Choose the wiring connection type for UK or International from the Plug Options drop-down list above. 

The new APEX controller has unique features in both the brake and drive circuits.

  • The design will allow perfect control of all types of slot car racing. 
  • Fitted with flying wires. Optional 3-Pin Plug fitted for UK market.
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  • Optional Carry Bag (Large Version) Add to the basket click here
  • 4 Brake controls on the box and one on the top of handle. 
  • 4 Speed controls on the box and two on the handle. 
  • User-Changeable Single and double finger trigger
    (Simple slide-on system so the handle doesn't need to be taken apart)
  • Trigger spring tension adjustment via easy access screw
  • Optional trigger throw adjustment
  • User replaceable Plug-in cable from the handle to the control box
  • Automotive 10A fuse with illumination to show if it has blown
  • Control box dimensions: 128x80x58mm.    
  • Box Weight:  375g 
  • Handle weight 140g
  • Cable 60g
  • Shipping weight 650g

WHITE    Positive
BLACK    Output from the Controller to the Track
RED         Negative (Brake)

  • V1 is for motors up to 8A and plastic chassis cars. 
  • If the fuse blows, it is illuminated from behind through a hole in the right-hand side of the box to show the fault condition. 

Customer Reviews

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Paul Brotz
Review of the Apex

I had been hearing very nice comments about the Apex and decided to try it myself...First day on the track with the APEX and came within 0.10 of setting a new personal best, I should be able to set a new record very quickly. I watched the video 5 times (feel like I know Steve very well) and read about each variable, it takes a bit to learn, but worthwhile and fun to test. The controller can do a lot more for your driving than you think. Really like the handle and trigger set-up...My track mates are asking me to let them use it, Steve should have some additional sales shortly...

Hi Paul.
Thank you for taking the time to share your review.
I am so glad your have already done so well with your new Apex.
Soon you shave off another couple of tenths to give you a presonal best.

Andy B
Still new

Still learning all the controls, already have better control , times have improved and Im sure theres a lot more to come

Thant's great news, Andy.
I hope you keep exploring the functions and keep getting more from your Apex.

P Jensen
How much power

How powerfull motors can it handle - JK M12BB -ProSlot Euro Mk.1-4002

Great controller

My only comment is it is setup for left handed use . Dials in handle are backwards for right handed use.

Hi Pablo.
Thanks for your comments.
The vast majority of users are right handed, but because the controls are in the centre of the handle, they are as easy to access as a right or left handed person.
Like all volume controls and rotary controls of any type, clockwise rotation increases the output of the function they perform. The Apex controls are using the same standard system.
There is no bias for left or right handedness.


Wi-jo van Bussel
Apex controller - first class!!

I received my Apex controller +/- 2 weeks ago. I had little time to try it out before entering the first match, with settings in the wrong position!!!
Last night I had the possiblilty to try the Apex out completely and I must say I am impressed!! Not only do all the features work, but I am getting more and more familiar with it, to do all the adjustments for the car and track are relatively easy.
The built quality is exceptional, which also can be said about Steve's support and information.
Steve, I shall write a more elaborated review after some time, having the possibility to race with different cars and on different tracks.
All the best from a happy Dutch slotracer

Hi Wi-Jo.
I'm so glad you are already getting used to your new Apex.
It is complex, but when you know what the controls do, it's easy to think about what to adjust while you are racing.
Thanks for sharing your initial findings.