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Carrera-D VI Digital Slot Car Controller

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Carrera-D VI Controller for Carrera Digital Slot Cars
Stock of controller handles is delayed due to the problems in China with the Coronavirus. Production of the internal parts will continue in the meantime till new stocks arrive. Apologies for any inconvenience. 

The version VI replaces version III but is functionally the same. 
The new Design is slightly simpler so more reliable. 

    Now you can adjust the sensitivity and feel of the controller, even while you drive. 
    The Brakes are applied normally when the trigger is released, but the optional Brake button applies the brake regardless of the trigger position. 

    Digital slot-car controller with Lane Change and optional Brake Buttons, Sensitivity knob and replaceable Wiper Contact Board.

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    Italian Review (tuttoslot Forum)

    • Direct plug-in replacement for the original controllers
    • Sensitivity Control Adjustment Knob. Turn Clockwise to increase sensitivity
    • 2 Button or one button options. (Brake and Lane change)
    • Spring Tension Adjuster
    • Nickle/Gold Plated Contact Board with Stainless Steel Wiper Fingers
    • Simple new Contacts on the main board to increase reliability. 
    • User changeable single and double finger Trigger.
    • Replaceable plug-in Cable.  Optional coiled or straight cable.
      Coiled cable is 40cm relaxed and stretched 1m
      Straight cable is 1.5m
      (choose for the options when ordering)
    • Spare parts available on the web site

    Weight  ...............................295g

    Packing Dimensions  ..........200x100x40  mm   


    • Once you feel a scratchy operation or can hear squeaking then it is advisable to apply a small amount of the lighter fluid, or switch cleaner/lubricant, onto a cotton bud and through the air flow slots in the casing, gently wipe over the contacts on the board.
    • Be sure not to bend the cable at the exit of the handle. The wiring will break from metal fatigue after a while and cause intermittent operation. Wind the cable into a gentle coil and it will last.

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