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PWM II Pulse Width Modulation Slot Car Controller

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*** Superseded by the Apex ***

Choose the wiring connection type for UK or International from the Plug Options drop-down list above. 

The new PWM II controller is quite a step forward from the previous versions.

It has all the old easy to use controls, plus new features now all fitted as standard. 

  • Fitted with flying wires. Optional 3-Pin Plug fitted for UK market. (Choose from drop-down list)
  • Upgraded to 1/24th BSCRA Power Handling with a power relay
  • User selectable automatic BRAKE Sense Mode (MODE 2)
  • User selectable automatic SPEED Sense Mode (MODE 2)
  • User-Changeable Single and Double Finger Trigger
  • 5* 12-way rotary controls on the main box (Start speed, Max Speed, Acceleration (Choke), Hold, Brake)
  • 2* rotary controls on the handle (Sensitivity Curve, End Speed)
  • Trigger Spring tension Adjustment Fitted as standard
  • Trigger throw adjustment Fitted as standard
  • User replaceable Plug-in cable from the Handle to the Control Box
  • 36 Step Replaceable Nickle/Gold Contact Board with 9-point Stainless Steel contact wiper Arm.
  • Control box dimensions: 120x66x40mm.     Weight:  380g 
  • Handle weight just 150g
  • Cable 45g
  • Shipping weight 650g

Click the Technical Tab to see more detail on the features and operating instructions.

WHITE    Positive
BLACK    Output from the Controller to the Track
RED         Negative (Brake)

To download for printing or on-screen reading click on the links below.

  • Drive Mosfet P-Channel TO220         click here
  • Brake Mosfet N-Channel TO220        click here
  • Full Power Relay                                 click here
    Choose the relay coil voltage to match the old one
  • Rotary Switch Knob                            click here
  • Rotary Switch                                     click here
  • Replacement Cable                            click here 
  • Trigger Sections                                 click here 
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Iain McKenzie
    Probably the best controller you can get

    I have been lucky enough to have got my hands on one of Steve's PMW II controllers and as others have said within a very short space of time you realise what an asset it is to your club racing. I can honestly say that I have improved my lap times on all 4 lanes by at least half a second across all the seven classes we race at Presto Park in Norfolk and my cars have a very good cross section of motors ranging from standard scalextric cans, short can and long can motors, the odd NSR and the high torque Scaleauto 22.5k motors and the awesome 25k BMW extreme high torque long can motor. The infinite minute adjustments you can achieve with this controller allow an average driver, namely me, to occasionally compete with the best of them at the club and If my racebox was stolen I would replace the PMW II before I replaced a single car. In my opinion they are that good. Recently in one of the F1 rounds I won all four heats and the A final, a unique experience for me. It was the ability to use the controller settings to tame the BRM 25k motor that made this possible. Buy one of these, I am sure you will not regret it, I certainly havn't!!!!!
    Good racing Iain

    Hi Iain.
    Thanks so much for sharing your review. I'm glad to hear that the PWM II has made such a difference to your racing. It's a fairly complex unit, so I'm always glad when someone masters what it can do.

    John Smedley. Fulham Park Raceway
    5 minutes to realise how good it is.

    Hi Steve , received the controller
    It only took 5 minutes to realise how good it is. Would be hard to go back to the other controllers once you have used it
    Great Product!
    Cheers John

    Thanks for your comments John. It's a pleasure to work with you.

    Ian Howard (Sporting Director Scuderia 66)
    Made Slot Car Racing a Pleasure again!!!!

    I've been using an adjustable controller for a few years now and I've been very happy with my performance and results.

    But, I've had a reliability issue recently so I decided to get a second controller to make the race team more resilient to breakdowns.

    Having seen James Cleave and Martin Ellis using a TruSpeed to great effect I decided to take the plunge and really invest in a top flight controller like they have.

    The PWM 2 is simply superb in every way and it has made slot racing a complete pleasure for me once again.

    I prefer to "roll in" to a corner and the braking system allows me to fine tune that need perfectly without having to compromise performance on other corners in the lap.

    I'm able to get to power down in a smoother way without losing lap time and I have virtually no deslots as a result.

    There's an old saying "there's cheap and nasty and expensive and nice"

    TruSpeeds may seem expensive but you'll know where that money has gone as soon as you start to use one. Once you've got one you'll realise that they are worth every penny and more.

    My old controller is now my back up controller.

    My TruSpeed PWM2 is the only controller that I want to use now because it is so pleasurable to use.

    TruSpeed . . . . the choice of champions.

    It's the best money that I've ever spent on slot car racing

    Thanks for sharing your review Ian. It's a pleasure to be associated with you.

    Ioannis Nerantzis
    Top quality - Great performance

    I'm another happy owner of the controller. It's a top quality product. I'm very impressed about its performance although I haven't tried yet its full potentials. Great seller-Great product. Thank you Steve.
    Regards, John

    Hi Loannis. Thanks for sharing your review. I am so glad the PWM II works well for you.

    Colin Wilkinson
    Very impressed with the performance and quality

    Hi Steve
    Very impressed with the performance and quality of my controller.
    As a CNC machine tool service engineer qualified in control engineering,
    I appreciate what you have produced.
    Cheers Colin

    Thanks Colin. Good to hear from a fellow engineer.