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SSD III Scalextric Digital Slot Car Controller

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SSD III Digital Slot Car Controller


Full featured Quality replacement controller for Scalextric SSD Digital Slot Cars.

Digital slot-car controller with Brake and Lane Change Buttons, Sensitivity knob and replaceable Wiper Contact Board.

  • Direct plug-in replacement for the original controllers
  • Sensitivity Adjustment Control. (Turn Clockwise to increase sensitivity)
  • Brake and Lane Change Buttons. (Red for Brake and Black for Lane change)
  • Trigger Spring Tension Adjuster
  • New Contact Board design (Clean without the need to open up the handle)
  • Nickle/Gold Contact Board contacts with 9 point Stainless Steel Wiper. 
  • User-Changeable Single and Double Finger Trigger
  • Plug-in Replaceable. 1.8m Cable Provided    (Spare cable Click Here)
  • Handle Colour Sticker set is available click here
  • Spare parts available on the web site

    Weight  ......................................185g
    Packing Dimensions  ..........200x100x40  mm   

    This MK III version no longer needs replacement Contact board to change the curve, but is fitted with a control knob to allow you to adjust the sensitivity, even while you are racing. 

    •  Once you feel a scratchy operation or can hear squeaking then it is advisable to apply a small amount of lighter fluid or similar to a cotton bud and wipe over the contacts and wiper fingers. 
      The latest version has the wiper contacts accessible from the outside without opening up the controller handle. Just apply a small amount of cleaner to a cotton bud tip and gently wipe over the contacts through the air vents in the controller handle. 
    • Be sure not to bend the cable at the exit of the handle. The wires will break from metal fatigue after a while and cause intermittent operation. Wind the cable into a gentle coil and it will last.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    teste et approuve

    Largement utilise, trs fiable, j'en recommande 2 aujourd'hui pour des cadeaux de Noel !

    PS :Dommage pour les frais de douane !

    Merci d'avoir partag votre avis.
    Les droits de douane sont facturs par les autorits de tous les pays dans le cadre normal du commerce international. TruSpeed ne facture pas de taxes pour les ventes en dehors du Royaume-Uni.

    Steve Hills

    Simply the best.

    Once again i bought a Truspeed controller.. Just recived it, and it just feels SO good in my hand :-)

    it is.. simply the best controller for Scalextric.

    Thanks for your review, Martin.
    I hope you enjoy using it.

    Best yet

    I was able to purchase one of your controllers. Im going to need 5 more to complete my set. The best yet.

    Thanks for your encouraging words Karal.
    I have the SSD III in stock for when you are ready.

    Truly great controller

    I bought a TruSpeed mainly because of th more sensible price and am I glad I did. Took it out of the box and plugged it in and took 0.400 of my previously best time without even trying. You just can't argue with a result like that.
    It feels smooth, puts the standard Scalextric SSD controller to shame and is what I consider the best value for money controller out there. I wouldn't want any other now.

    Thanks for sharing your review Uli.
    I'm glad to hear that you took so much off your lap times.
    That's what it's all about.

    Mike Hamilton
    Truly great controllers!

    I have had my SSD III for about 5 years now, it has been totally reliable with just the occasional clean of the wiper board with Servisol 10. It has been 100% reliable and I have never felt the need to get a back-up. Recently, it let me down on a race night and I wasnt sure why. I thought it may have just been time and hard use taking its toll, so I ordered a new SSD III controller, just in case.
    While waiting for my order to arrive, I stripped and cleaned the wiper and contact board with lighter fluid on a cotton bud. Race night came around and I had already asked my club mates to borrow a controller just in case my controller mis-behaved. I also asked Steve to send me a new wiper and contact board.
    Steve suggested that I wait and if it didnt work properly, then send it to him. My worries proved unfounded and race night came and my old faithful controller worked perfectly!
    My controller has had 5 hard years of use, I have maintained it and it is a tribute to the quality of Steves controllers that it is still working perfectly.
    Thank you Steve.

    Thank you for taking the time to write your review Mike.
    I'm so glad to hear that even after 5 years your controllers are still serving you well.